We Are Saving You From The Frustrating E-Mail Process! - What is Anonym Mail For?

We Are Saving You From The Frustrating E-Mail Process! - What is Anonym Mail For?

This temporary mail system will provide you what have been looking for for a long time! The process of giving your mail address to sign up for websites is quite disturbing, right? Nowadays, e-mails are direct personal information to a person. Everybody has a right to reject to give this personal contact informations to websites. Also, sometimes spam mails can be very annoying, so are the marketing emails that you get. You signed up to a website only for one service, but they sent you marketing emails regularly, right? Well, not anymore!

What Is Anonymmail?

Anonymmail.net is a temp mail service that you benefit from it however you want. As soon as you opened the website of Anonymmail, the algorithm creates a temp mail that you can use with peace of mind. We also provide you an inbox if you want to check mails from your temporary mail.

Where Can You Use It?

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to sign up for a website without giving your e-mail. In this case, there are many places that you might need temp mail. We listed some of the specific ones for you anyway.

While signing up a website

It is the most basic one but as we said before, you need to give your mail address to a website to reach their services. Of course, this process will be back to you with tons of unwanted marketing emails. Do not try to delete all of them, just use the temp mail system that Anonymmail provides you.

If you are creating a social media account that you will not use all the time

In this case, you can use a temp mail to sign up. It is quite a long process to create a new e-mail account. With Anonymmail, it is only one click away from you!

When activation code is necessary

As we said above, Anonymmail also ensures you have a temp inbox. Through that, you can activate your account if the website you signed requires an activation.

If you do not want to share your contact information with someone

You might be a person who cares about his/her privacy. You can also use the mail system to give it to another person.

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