To Which Accounts Can I Send Mail With My Temp eMail?

To Which Accounts Can I Send Mail With My Temp eMail?


With the development of the digital world, it is possible to say that the services offered in email options have increased. Especially disposable email addresses are much more popular than before. Because the number of platforms people want to sign up with is too many and using a private email address for all these platforms is not a very logical option.

Today, we will talk about the tempmail options we offer as Our website works as a temp email generator, so you can log in to our website and create a mailbox in a very short time. It is possible to start using immediately by copying the email waiting for you on our homepage.

Moreover, we offer e-mail within the framework of various rules in order to ensure that our service provides maximum privacy and security. If you want to review them, you can take a look at the rest of our content!

%100 Personal Email Addresses For Security

First of all, let's say this:

Imagine that you receive an email from You can be 100 percent sure that no one else is using this email. In other words, each of the addresses offered as anonymmail is 100% personal. In this case, it prevents someone else from using these addresses and someone else's access to your mailbox. You should definitely not choose platforms where this service detail is offered.

Regularly Deleted Temp Email Addresses

The email addresses we provide in line with the service we provide are automatically deleted after a certain period of time. In this way, transactions made through email addresses cannot be tracked and you are always protected in terms of privacy. Nobody, including Administration, has the chance to track what you are doing with these email addresses.

Add Inbox Option For Users

Wouldn't you like to have a chance to re-access the temp email addresses you use in the online world? If you click the Add Inbox option on our homepage and enter your email address into the system, you will have the chance to access the mailbox.

Send Mails Anywhere

You can send messages to any e-mail address you want through your e-mail accounts. These messages can be in the format or size you want. There is no limitation in this regard.

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