The Best Temporary Email Site:

The Best Temporary Email Site:


The junk mails...We receive them all the time. They are either from websites we willingly signed up for or from senders we have never heard of. Every now and then we even get mails from swindlers and cyberbullies trying to hack us. Almost everything requires an email these days. That means a lot of companies, brands, websites, etc. have your personal information. Thanks to Anonym Mail you don’t have to ever think about these issues by creating a one-time mail address.

What Is A Temporary Mail Address?

Temporary mail addresses are fake email addresses generated by our service. You can use these mail addresses for signing up to websites that you do not want to give your personal email address to due to very frequent email spam, to get free trials, or to just save your personal information linked to your email address from getting shared with other companies. After all, emails are a method of marketing and a lot of brands and companies use that method.

How Can I Get A Temporary and Anonymous Mail Address?

Our service is incredibly easy to use and reliably fast. You can get a disposable email address in seconds.  There are just a few steps. All you need to do is:

Just like that! In two steps you have a secure fake email. No need for long email-creating processes that require a ton of information. If you need more than one temporary email address you can create as much as you want in seconds or you can just keep the mail address generated for you and use it as much as you want.

Benefits of Anonym Mail

Using a temporary email has many benefits. They are even safer than your regular ones!

  • Creating an email takes so much time, with Anonym Mail it is in front of you in seconds.
  • No one can have access to your inbox including Anonym Mail.
  • No personal information is needed from you.
  • Spam mail you receive is detected and deleted before you see them.

Now that you know how to create a fake email, go ahead on our website and try it out! After you see how easy, practical and safe it is to use, you will not want to use a regular email address ever again!


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09/06/2021 09:03:00