Protect Your Identity with AnonymMail

Protect Your Identity with AnonymMail

In the digital age, working life is intermingled with the internet. However, not only working life but also personal interests highly depend on the internet, too. In this situation, all of us maintain a regular relationship with the internet whether the purpose is to read the news or subscription to a new streaming service. What is bothersome is that nearly all of the services want personal information for a subscription. Staying anonymous on the internet is not only a wish but also a necessity. People may not want to share their personal information, might be scared of data thefts, or might not trust internet services.

As well as the problem of data security on the internet, junk and spam emails are troubling, too. This problem might lead to overlooked important emails. What are you going to do to not face such problems is using temporary mail. By using disposable email it is possible both to ensure your security on the internet and to avoid unnecessary emails.

Benefits of AnonymMail

A temporary mail address helps you to stay anonymous on the internet. In this way, you can ensure your security while surfing online. It is the most effective and common way to being anonymous. Since your email address will self-destruct after a while, it is not possible to trace it. In this way, you can get membership without sharing your personal email.

Another feature of temporary emails is that unnecessary emails from the sites you are a member of are collected in your temporary mail. In this way, important emails in your main account will not go unnoticed and you will be able to handle your important work more comfortably and quickly.

How to Use it?

AnonymMail has provided the best and fastest service by offering its users a very comfortable interface. All you have to do is enter our website. After logging into the website, you will see your temporary e-mail on the main screen. You can use your temporary e-mail on any online platform or in your mailing works by clicking the copy button next to the e-mail. There is no usage limit for temporary emails, you can open more than one temporary account. You can personalize your account from the left corner and get a new temporary e-mail address with different arrangements.

The e-mails that come to your temporary e-mail are deleted after a while and you do not have to deal with unnecessary e-mails. In addition, AnonymMail does not request membership or personal information from its users.

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