Get The Know the Logic of Anonymmail and Disposible Mails!

Get The Know the Logic of Anonymmail and Disposible Mails!

AnonymMail is a temp email generator that you can easily create your temporary email address on While AnonymMail is providing safe service for users, it saves your time at the same time. You will not need any registration process. It only takes a few seconds to create your fake email address. Many people are not comfortable with their regular e-mail addresses because of hackers. You will not need to worry about stolen passwords any longer because these e-mail addresses do not have any passwords. Besides, your e-mails that are in your inbox will not be saved on the system. So, it makes AnonymMail safer.

How can you get your temp email?                                                

It is really fast and easy to have your temporary mail. There are only 2 simple steps for that.

  1.  You will enter our website
  2.  You will see the random email address on the top of our website. Just copy it!

Now you can use your temporary email address on all platforms while you are protecting your privacy! It is possible to get more than one fake mail and you can delete your temp email with one click. Everything you will do on AnonymMail will just take seconds. It will be safer than your regular email address and you will not need to think about your strong password again.

What is the difference between AnonymMail and other temporary email generators?

On other temporary email generators, your email can be marked as spam but on AnonymMail you will not have this problem and your email will not be marked as spam. Also, some people can think that our temporary mail is disposable mail but it is not because you can check your inbox whenever you want!

How does AnonymMail’s temporary inbox work?

Everybody is tired of cleaning spam and unnecessary e-mails on Inbox. People have emails that they will never read any of the useless until the end and they want to delete those annoying emails. Sometimes, when we try to find an email that is important for us, we can’t find it because there is too much spam in our Inbox. Our temporary inbox helps us on this point because we will clean your inbox regularly. You will not have to deal with the spam emails any longer and you will not waste your time with unnecessary emails at the same time because we will be doing that for you!

24/03/2021 07:28:00