Create a Temporary Mail Address by AnonymMail

Create a Temporary Mail Address by AnonymMail


As the virtual creatures that live on the internet era, we have to use mail almost for everything. You have to share a mail while you buy a product online you need, or register on a website. AnonymMail offers you a temporary mail address. You get the fastest and safest service to create a fake email by using AnonymMail. Like everyone else, we cannot reach your personal information, too. It is now easy as one-two-three create a 10 minute mail.

Why Should You Use a Temporary Mail Address?

It actually does not matter whether to give your email address to any service due to websites share your data with advertising companies. Nearly all platforms on the internet including social media platforms, shopping websites, and market and delivery apps use and share your personal information. It is a marketing practice to offers the product that customers may need. However, this could be exhausting. We suggest you use a temporary mail address to avoid junk mails and protect your personal information. As long as you use the temp mail address via AnonymMail, you don't need to worry about safety problems.

5 Reasons Why You Should Rely on AnonymMail

  1. We do not demand any personal info from you while offers our service.
  2. Your brand new fake email would be inaccessible.
  3. Temporary emails are more reliable than ordinary ones.
  4. You can reach your temporary inbox safely.
  5. The only person to can see and reach the email is you.

Temporary Mail Address vs Regular E-mail Addresses

  • Beware the cyber thieves! A temporary mail address provides you the safest service. You have to share your personal information such as name-surname, age, phone number, etc. while you creating an account for a regular e-mail. Isn't it sound scary? Well, we do not demand any information at all. You can create as much temporary mail addresses via AnonymMail.
  • Your password would not be stolen, because there is no password. You will be %100 percent safe, unlike the regular e-mail address services.

How Can You Use AnonymMail?

We promise it is the easiest thing on the internet. All you have to do is go to the website. When you are on the main page, you can see the random temporary mail address. Visit AnonymMail and create your own temporary mail address now. Guarantee safety by protecting your info and avoid spam mails!

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26/05/2021 10:21:00